Please view the upgrade notes in the wiki. If you have any issues with v071 please let us know.


System Wide

  • 3D Secure Support
    • Paypoint
    • RealEx
  • Product thumbnail images in the cart


  • transaction_detail
    • image
    • url
    • length (for future use)
    • width (for future use)
    • height (for future use)


  • Product images and links
  • New standard cart attributes
    • image
    • url
    • length (for future use)
    • width (for future use)
    • height (for future use)

Language Additions

  • gateway_3d_secure_not_validated
  • cart_image

Improvements, Notes, & Bug Fixes

  • The “sample code” for the default Colorbox includes style1_fc instead of style1, which includes a « Continue Shopping link on the bottom left of the Colorbox instead of the standard X in the bottom right.
  • Password hashing improvements. Improvements to customer password reset requests.
  • The maximum number of transactions or subscriptions returned on the admin and the API is now 300 (from 50 in v0.7.0).
  • As required by the PayPal user agreement, PayPal Express is now active when PayPal Payments Pro is being used.
  • Fix for an issue with specific gateway responses that were available only in English even though they were translated to other languages.

Subscription API XML Changed Fields

  • We removed an extra, unnecessary “transaction_template” node in the API xml. The old XML was like so: $subscription->transaction_template->
     while the new XML response is $subscription->transaction_template->
    . This change did not impact the subscription XML datafeed.