Please view the upgrade notes in the wiki.


System Wide

  • API. A user API has been added that allows setting and retrieving of customer records (including multiple ship-to addresses).
  • Subscriptions. The subscription handling functionality has been overhauled, allowing customers to modify and cancel their own subscriptions, as well as improved administrative functionality in the admin.
  • Subscription past due amount. Subscriptions now have a “past due amount” that keeps track of failed subscription transactions.
  • Subscription XML datafeed. A new subscription-specific XML datafeed has been added which posts to your existing datafeed location.
  • System-wide messaging. Cart, Checkout, JSON and XML have gained consistent system-wide messaging (errors, warnings, information).


  • Taxes. Fully featured detailed line item tax entry system configurable per category.
  • JSONP.output=json now accepts an optional callback parameter to support true JSONP. As such, callback is now a reserved parameter name, and cannot be used as a product option name.
  • Coupon Codes. You can now set a limit to the number of uses per coupon code. This was also patched back to version 0.4.0.
  • Subscription end datessub_enddate can now be set to configure end dates for subscriptions.
  • The default size for the “foxybox” has been increased.
  • Added the category code to the cart display with class fc_cart_category_code.
  • output=json no longer requires cart=view.
  • The default action even if no parameters are passed to the cart is now to view the cart
  • You can now use a price modifier such as {p:50} on a subscription frequency.
  • You can now add up to 999 products to the cart at one time (instead of just 99)
  • Removed name="fc_cart_form" from the form on the cart template. The id="fc_cart_form" remains.


  • “Unified Order Entry” allows a store to set a “super password” that allows FoxyCart to function like a glorified and integrated virtual terminal. Useful for handling phone or fax orders.
  • Taxes and shipping are now correctly broken out into details for Authorize.net.
  • When selecting an alternate shipping address, the shipping country and state will be pulled from the customer address if no shipping address is defined.
  • Added JQuery to the receipt page.


  • Revisitable receipts. Receipts can now be reloaded by customers.
  • New ^^receipt_only_begin^^ and ^^receipt_only_end^^ placeholders to contain analytics, affiliate, or other tracking code.

FoxyCart JavaScript

  • The fc_json cart JSON object now includes weight_each and weight for each product item as well as a total_weight value. This was also patched back to version 0.4.0.
  • The foxycart.js file included in the foxycart_includes.js now comes with a fc_CurrencyFormatted method which you can override that will format your currency for display in the “minicart” (which is a div with an id of fc_total_price).


  • Improved subscription management and functionality.

Improvements & Bug Fixes


  • output=json now returns valid JSON (not wrapped in fc_FoxyJSON()).
  • Fixed a bug which lost the transaction when using downloadables and cart=checkout (patched back to 0.4.0 as well).


  • Fix for future subscription price which was not including the product quantity.
  • When a customer requests their password on the checkout page, it now uses the from_email for the store if one is defined.
  • Fixed a bug in Multiship for returning customers that, in some cases, was not correctly setting the select box to the correct address name after authenticating.
  • Returning customers who have subscriptions with that store are now required to check the “save my payment info” checkbox, even if the current order doesn’t contain subscriptions.
  • #” in the address were breaking shipping rate calculations. Patched back to 0.3.1, 0.3.2 and 0.4.0.
  • Fixed a bug where the “lost my password” email was not using custom language settings. Patched back to 0.4.0.
  • Fixed a bug where returning customers who selected a new payment card and checked out didn’t get an updated masked card number (though the actual saved card number was updated). Patched back to 0.4.0.
  • Fixed a bug when a customer logs in as one customer and then changes their email address to be a different customer or a new customer, the old customer id is still used and gets updated.
  • Update Customer actions no longer create “no shipping option available” errors. Patched back to 0.4.0.
  • FedEx no longer shows Ground as an option when shipping internationally to Canada. – reverted as this was preventing Canadian stores from seeing any shipping rates.


  • Sage Payments Gateway now supported.
  • Image caching now allows for XHTML valid URLs.
  • ^^store_name^^ now properly replaced in email subject lines.
  • Better support for non-Latin character sets.