There’s nothing you’ll likely need to modify to upgrade to v0.2.7 from v.0.2.6. Details in the wiki.


FedEx Shipping

  • FedEx live rates for both domestic (US) and international (US -> international). Please consider FedEx integration BETA at this point.

Additional Receipt Placeholders (iDevAffiliate)

Geo IP Lookups

  • Checktout: Added GeoIP lookups to pre-fill customer’s country based on their IP address.
  • Admin Emails: Added GeoIP lookups to admin emails (in ^^receipt^^ placeholders). Can help with fraud detection and prevention.
  • Error Logs: Added GeoIP lookups to error logs.
  • Transaction Logs: Added GeoIP lookups to transaction logs.

Bugs & Improvements


  • Fix to automatically remove spaces and dashes from credit card input.


  • Completely redesigned admin section.
  • Fix to mark all Purchase Order transactions as “live” in the backend.