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Get expert help with your Foxy store.

Foxy is the platform for custom commerce that exactly fits your business. We also happen to be the world’s foremost experts in it. Whether you need assistance adding Foxy to your site, configuring settings, custom shipping or tax rules, or automation with tools like Zapier and Airtable, Accelerate sets you up for success with proven best practices.

Who is this for?

Users who have already built their website but need help integrating Foxy, configuring store settings, building business automations, etc.

Who is this not for?

Users needing new Foxy functionality/features. Users who haven't built their website yet. Users who don’t have a good idea of what they need.

What's included?

Setup and implementation of the agreed upon tasks. Training and documentation. Private Slack channel with our team (for 3 months).

How long will it take?

Generally, we'll need 5-6 weeks to discuss needs, plan, and complete the agreed upon tasks. This can vary from project to project.

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